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Our Kindergarten Vision is that each kindergarten graduate is prepared with a foundation of social, emotional, physical, and academic skills to become a productive learner, an effective communicator, and a responsible student. The education of your child is a collaborative effort between parent and A.J. Winters Elementary.  According to Idaho state law, a child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st to be eligible for Kindergarten.

In order to prepare your child for their 1st day of school check out some of our programs that we offer.

Check out these programs available to you


Hooked on Kindergarten Vision:
To partner with families of children ages birth to five to build a strong foundation for academic success.


        ►Provide on-going individualized child development and parenting                              information.

        ►Promote age-appropriate activities and experiences in the home.

        ►Enhance school readiness skills.

        ►Offer opportunities for socialization in group settings.

                                                              ►Administer yearly developmental screenings to each child.

                                                              ►Create a relationship of shared knowledge with families


How do my child & I get started?

Well, It's easy as

A..B..C..     1..2..3..

     1. Go to our local library!

     2. Check out any "skill check" kit & have fun learning!

     3. Return the kit back to the library when done to receive your 1st stamp on your "passport!"

     ***Each kit includes different materials depending on the skill to be worked on (visual and spacial                   relations, rhyming, counting, letter and number recognition, shape and color recognition, etc.).


1,000 Books before Kindergarten

1,000 books before kindergarten

How to get started:

You can sign up at any time. 

Be sure to stop by the public library to pick up your first reading log and a folder to store all your reading adventures.


1.  Have fun!  Reading together should never be a chore.
2.  If you read one story at bedtime each night for three years you’ll have shared 1,095 books.
3.  If you read ten books a week for two years, you’ll have shared 1,040 books.
4. Any child from birth to kindergarten is eligible to participate.
5.  Although we want to encourage you to visit the library, books do not have to all come from the library.  Also read what you have at home.
6.  All books count.  Listen to a book at counts.  Enjoy a Tumblebook on the counts.  Siblings read to your counts.  The same book for the 20th counts.  Read to more than one counts for everyone.
7.  Visit storytime often.   Thursday at 10:30 for infants and toddlers, and at 11:00 am for preschoolers.
8. REMEMBER, It’s not a RACE, it’s a journey.  Enjoy the process