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What "Habits" have to do with Attendance

Habit Two

                                                                Habit #2 I plan ahead and set being on time!

Put First Things First


Habit #3 I spend my time on things that are most important ...such as going to school everyday!

Attendance Policy


Want your child to have a "PERFECT ATTENDANCE" award?


The school will open its doors at 7:45 a.m.  Children must not arrive earlier, as no supervision is provided.


Families should strive to ensure that their student(s) are in attendance at school every day possible. Only when the child in is consistent attendance will the highest quality learning take place. Please make doctor, dentist and all other appointments after school or on Fridays wherever possible. If your child is ill, please protect other students by not returning them to school until the child is no longer contagious. Children must be fever-free and have not vomited for a 24-hour period before returning to school. Parents should notify the school by note to the teacher or by phone to excuse the student if they are absent.

Elementary school students who accumulate more than 8 days absent in a semester, for any reason, will be required to attend make-up school.  Make-up school will be held on a Friday or Saturday and will be supervised by a certified teacher. Each student’s classroom teacher will provide work for the student to do during this time. Parents will be required to pay $20.00 in advance to cover the cost of supervision.  Each make-up school day (4 hours) will compensate for 1 missed day of school.  Make-up school will be held at the school’s discretion, when several students are in need and registered to make up lost school time.

Idaho Code (33-202) states that school attendance is compulsory, and holds parents legally accountable for non-attendance issues. Should a child who is required by district policy to attend make-up school fail to attend on the first and second request; the case will be turned over to the Bear Lake County prosecutor.


School begins at 8:00am.  If your student arrives later than 8:05, they will be marked tardy. Students who are habitually tardy miss valuable learning time and fail to learn the important life skill of punctuality. Employers are seeking employees that understand the importance of being on time to work. This skill is best learned when children are young. Four tardy days will count as a day absent.