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History of A.J. Winters

A little history on who A.J. Winters was...


   Forty-four years of school service ended on June 1960 when Alma J. Winters retired as superintendent of schools in Bear Lake County.


   The veteran educator began his tenure in 1910 as an eighth grade instructor in classrooms from which he graduated a few years before. 


   A native born Bear Laker, he was the youngest son of Franz and Johanna Winters, one of the early pioneer families of the county.  He gained his advanced education at Weber College in Ogden and at Berkeley, California.


   For many years, Mr. winters had shared the title of "Dean of Idaho Superintendents" with Roy A. Weston, superintendent of the Aberdeen School system.  Weston also retired that year.


   The record achieved by the school man is unique in that he has served all his tenure in one county and in one community.  Only two interruptions have hindered a half century of continuous service.


   During the years of World War I, he enlisted in the United States Army. Shortly after his return from the service he fulfilled a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


   Interest in the youth had been a predominate characteristic of Mr. Winter's personality. He worked closely with them in and out of school activities.  He is the man who brought scouting to Bear Lake County.  Much of this time he was also in the Montpelier Stake Mutual. 


   His civic duties included terms on the city council, Rotarian, the American Legion, continuous chairman of the City Clean Up Campaign and he was president of the Idaho Education Assn. in the Fifth District.



Alma James Winters

A.J. Winters was dedicated and open for learning in 1959.


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